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The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) is an American multinational enterprise information technology company based in San Jose, California, founded on November 1, 2015 as part of splitting of the Hewlett-Packard company. HPE is a business-focused organization with two divisions: Enterprise Group, which works in servers, storage, networking, consulting and support, and Financial Services. On October 31, HPE reported FY2019 annual revenue of $29.135 billion, down 5.57% from the prior year period.

A provider field service representative mentioned, "Hewlett Packard Enterprise is terrible. One year they cut employees paychecks by 5% because the company wasn’t doing so well. Inadequate management and no room for growth. I understand that situation may be different at other locations but not at this one."

A senior marketing manager says, "Some of the marketing VPs, SVPs and even the CMO [at HPE] in Houston have been working for HP/HPE for 20+ years and have no idea what digital marketing means! They surround themselves promote and with employees who are "yes men" from yester years causing good talent with new ideas to leave. The stock price is a reflection of this mentality!"


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Mesa De Ayuda says

"salario, trato con los empleados es malisimo, te rajan sin que puedas defender tus derechos, no te dan posibilidad de crecimiento, pagan mal."

Exempleado - Systems Administrator says

"subcontrata barata de HP. HP consigue los contratos y los pasa a sus filiales subcontratas (hp cds, dxc,outsourcing) y tira los sueldos y los costes."

Sales Operations HPE says

"Queda muy lejos en una zona muy fea de la ciudad con poco transporte publico , no hay crecimiento en el trabajo solo aplicando a otros , no hay una cultura de trabajo duro"


"La inestabilidad que causa el cambio de actividades para algunos grupos simplemente por que la compañía decidió separar algunas unidades de negocio."


"Acoso laboral. Poco profesionalismo no separan lo personal de lo laboral . Abuso de poder. Explotación R.H. Remuneración económica Poco grata. Discriminación con directos de HPE y outsorcing"

Líder De Tienda says

"Sueldos muy bajos por nivel del promedio, se explota mucho al empleado a pesar de las buenas condiciones en las que se labora el pago no es equitativo asi como los bonos y aumentos"

Empleado actual - Administrator De Contratos says

"Bajos salarios. Pocas oportunidades de crecimiento. Inestabilidad laboral. Muchos despidos"

Empleado actual - Empleado anónimo says

"No hay capacitación práctica. No hay presupuestos. Solamente tienen modo capacitar a los capacitadores. Si estás esperando desarrollar tus habilidades técnicas, estás en la compañía equivocada. WFR por todos lados. Las gerencias regionales y locales parecen perdidas. Falta de visión y comunicación. Quizá todo es parte de esta larga, larga transformación."

Exempleado - Especialista en asistencia técnica says

"Malas instalaciones para los empleados, no son flexibles en cuanto al horario o si tienes hijos. Cada cosa en una pelea con Sitel, incluso si preguntas por tus vacaciones. Es un lugar horrible para trabajar, evita trabajar en Sitel a toda costa."


"No hay un plan de carrera, no hay desarrollo profesional, no hay aumentos de salario, HPE se trata de un cheque y eso es todo, lleva un plato de comida a la mesa pero no va a ser una experiencia excitante"

Electrical R & D Technician VI (Former Employee) says

"Labeled essential employee thru covid-19. Then come July laid off out of the blue. Cons: No alligence to their employees"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"HPE does regular layoffs as a regular part of doing business. No job security. The next layoff at this company permeates everything going on there. The management does not like to talk about the layoffs. They pretend that layoffs do not even exist. Cons: Lots and lots of layoffs"

Virtualization Systems Software Engineer, Converged Systems (Current Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for, no training no work life balance and they lay off more people then they hire."

Provider field service representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is terrible. One year they cut employees paychecks by 5% because the company wasn’t doing so well. Inadequate management and no room for growth. I understand that situation may be different at other locations but not at this one."

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"Interesting place to work but cut throat in terms of employees always being expendable and since majority of employees are contract workers and at any time your services are no longer needed."

Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"highly do not like it.. supervisors lie, job advancement is crazy"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"They expect their employees to be available all the time on call even after their working hours, Late Nights, weekends or even if you are on leave you should be available on call. If you have any activity late night then too they would expect you to be on time at office irrespective of you working after working hours. Their is no Job security as soon as the project is over they will kick you out inconsiderate of your dedication towards your work late nights. Cons: Long hours, Late night works"

Strategic Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"The manager does not coach in N Cal, instead looks for faults and tends to support the males in the company and criticize the female employees, no longer have an open door policy and HR is for the manager and not an employee"

Senior Solutions Architect - Technology Consulting Services (Former Employee) says

"Toxic. Wouldn't recommend. If you like constant layoffs. Constant strategy change, which never works, constant cost cutting to employee packages. This is the place for you."

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Uncollaborative political environment. No work life balance. No inclusion. Too much bureaucracy. If not a yes man, you are done. No strategy. All fluff."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"All the senior management of the company wants is making savings. They do not care about their employees or their customers as long as the management at the top get their own bonuses and the shares are at a good price. We were able to see how much the top management was getting when they were selling their shares since it is a public company. Every year you could see how much they were making at the time of the bonuses while we were told there was no pay increase or bonuses for us and we couldn't even recruit so the teams were constantly under staffed."

Help Desk Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Run for your life, they are absolutely god awful. I would never work there ever again. It was the worst. They don't care about their employees at all and will let the customer speak to them anyway they please."

Senior Financial Business Analyst, Global Labor Reporting SME (Former Employee) says

"There were too many managers trying to push their own agenda. The overall benefit to the company was not considered. Promotion was by the good old boy network."

Inside Sales Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"HPE bring you in and sell you high dreams and then lay you off. They promise a lot of things but do not believe a word. Managers have that favorites and they make it hard to promote. When you try and apply for a role they pretty much waste your time by having you to go through the steps and that someone have already been choosing for the role."

Global Services Segment Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management, Poor Pay, Poor Benefits, No Pay Increases, Educational Benefits Program but never awarded. Lack of training, poor travel conditions and long trips. Cons: Management was terrible"

Services Information Developer (Current Employee) says

"There is not any support from Account Management and the work culture is like being in elementary school. The hardest part of the job is that the Vendor dictates the schedule of projects and therefore code reviews are not done. The Company values off shore staff more than what is in the United States even though off shore takes '3' or more staff and more time to complete the work. Cons: Lack of promise and lack of promotion opportunity"

Sr. Storage Architect (Consultant) says

"Came in with grand promises of advancement and carreer, immediately got sold to DXC. No promotions, no raises, no bonuses, just a nowhere job going nowhere. Cons: Job, Hours, Pay, Management, Constant Threat of Layoffs, Just about Everything else."

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Company is running itself into the ground with bad management decisions. Subbed out services to a third party company (Unisys), very bad decision. Lost a lot of key persons because of this."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A lot of politics up to the top"

Operations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Extremely poor salary and benefits and even worse management. Cons: arrogant and non-competent managers, extremely low salary and benefits"

Penny Wiseclown says

"And their service continues to suck. 4 times I've scheduled and rescheduled, only for them not to show up ever for a server repair. Talking to someone in India is not helpful. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON AN HP PRODUCT! THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU, UNLESS YOU ARE HUGE CORPORATE CLIENT!"

Talha says

"All they care about is increasing their sales.Their products are not durable and efficient and on top of that they do not provide customer support the way they should be. Their Call centres Reps have the same verboyage and does not help with anything out of the box. Won't transfer calls to the concerned person. Lie on the call about things if they do not have knowledge about it. Misguide customers into useless things and formalities instead of providing support or solution. From this moment on, I am not gonna spend a single penny on HP products nor will i allow any person i know to spend anything on the worst company of the PCs in the world. HP does not deserve the name it carries. They focus on the sales and fail to provide support. Just because your company can fool someone once doesn't mean that person is gonna invest in your company again. KUDOS"

Jim Warwick says

"THey used to make a great product, and backed it up with a great warranty, not anymore. Avoid this company like the plague. I have two printers which I have purchased in the last year. Both do not work. After complaining about the flaws (which HP kept hidden and still does today regarding their printing cartridges), said if I spend even more money, I can get a special deal on a better, newer printer, the Office pro 6978. That has all kinds of NEW problems too. Why our government is not doing anything to protect consumers is beyond me. DO NOT BUY HP, unless of course you like throwing your money away."

Isabel says

"Bought a printer a) Lasted < 1 year and was within warranty b) When it went wrong HP decided to send it to repair rather than replace it. After 3 weeks still not printer c) The aim of the warranty should be to make good as asap not deprive businesses of equipment for 3 weeks. 3 days would be acceptable 3 weeks not d) rang again and again: no use. Still no printer. The customer service is non exsitence and the warranty is useless since you don't get your equipment repaired or replaced/"

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